The following examples are CLOSED offerings and are not available for investment. The photos depicted on this page are representative of the types of a property(ies) an offering may expect to acquire but may vary per offering. There is no guarantee the sponsor will meet the objectives set forth in the PPM.

Self-Storage Portfolio DST

The Self-Storage Portfolio, DST is a portfolio comprised of 21 self-storage properties with locations diversified over four states. The portfolio provides 1,463,248 rentable square feet within the 10,824 units.

  • Property Type: Self-Storage

  • Location: CA, TN, TX, WI

  • Units: 10,824

  • Offering Size: $137,230,446

  • Equity Offering: $31,453,687

  • Interest Terms: 10-yr fixed (10-yr IO) at 4.62%

Multi-Family DST

This is a “Class A” multi-family property on the Florida coast, east of Pensacola. The property consists of twelve 3-story buildings, constructed in 1999 and renovated in 2013. Amenities include a pool, tennis and basketball courts, fitness center, and walking distance to the beach. The Destin area offers strong potential for growth due to a robust military presence and vibrant tourism industry.

  • Property Type: Multi-family
  • Location: FL
  • Units: 300
  • Offering Size: $74,692,000
  • Equity Offering: $33,450,000
  • Interest Terms: 10-yr fixed (5-yr IO) at 3.51%

Commercial DST

The Commercial DST is a triple-net lease commercial property located in an industrial district of MI. This property consists of a 1,009,259 sq. ft. distribution facility that is currently occupied by Amazon, a global leader in the ecommerce industry.

  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Location: MI

  • Units: 1

  • Offering Size: $95,900,000

  • Equity Offering: $61,900,000

  • Interest Terms: 13-yr fixed (13-yr IO) at 3.73%

Office Building DST

The Zero-Coupon Office, DST is an 11-story absolute net lease commercial office building located in the Chicago
suburbs. The DST has a very high loan-to-value in an effort to capture excess debt for exchangers. As a result of the high LTV, the DST does not pay any distributions to investors, utilizing all the rental income to pay down the outstanding debt on the property. The property is leased to Zurich American Insurance Company.

  • Property Type: Office Building

  • Location: IL

  • Units: 1

  • Offering Size: $398,276,589

  • Equity Offering: $65,334,005

  • Interest Terms: 30-yr fixed at 4.91%

Retail DST

The intent of this offering is to perform a 721 UPREIT into a diversified property fund REIT after a 2-year hold. The portfolio consists of three, single-story, retail buildings and an additional restaurant structure all located in the shopping center of the Providence, RI. The property was built in 1985 and renovated in the late 1990’s. Currently the center has major tenants including The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, Marshall’s, and Dollar Tree.

  • Property Type: Retail

  • Location: RI

  • Units: 4

  • Offering Size: $44,297,521

  • Equity Offering: $44,297,521

  • Interest Terms: Flexible (contact us for rates)

Senior Living DST

The Senior Living Portfolio DST offers two senior-housing properties both located in strong medical areas within their respective cities – Peoria, IL and Springfield, MO. The trust has sufficient reserves set aside to perform a value-add component to both the common spaces and the interior units at each property. With completed renovations, the DST plans to drive income through increased rental rates and continue to utilize the premier locations.

  • Property Type: Senior Living

  • Location: IL, MO

  • Units: 316

  • Offering Size: $80,925,660

  • Equity Offering: $80,925,660

  • Interest Terms: No Debt

Hospitality DST

The downtown Nashville Hospitality DST is an 11-story hotel property located in the Core District of downtown Nashville. Operating as a DoubleTree Hotel, and carrying a Hilton Hotels Flag as part of the Hilton Honors program, the property underwent a $6 million-dollar renovation in 2018, upgrading guest rooms with new furniture, linens, all-new carpeting, and in room mini-refrigerators. The Nashville tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth over recent years.

  • Property Type: Hospitality

  • Location: TN

  • Units: 341 guest rooms

  • Offering Size: $157,038,486

  • Equity Offering: $80,953,386

  • Interest Terms: 10-yr fixed (5-yr IO) at 3.56%


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